Friday, October 29, 2010

AMS and All for Everyone

Schools finally out for summer. What better way to start than to sprain a muscle around a disc in my back? No frolicking for me. Been doing plenty of Simpsons watching and searching the internet. Came across a few knitwear design companies which are amazing.
'A Minutes Silence' (AMS) are a UK knitwear label with an interesting approach. Below are some pictures and information from their website.

"A Minute Silence present their d├ębut capsule AW2010 unisex collection of knitted cardigans, jumpers, blankets and socks.
The silhouette remains classic throughout this premier collection, with a graphic clash of colour on AMS's signature geometric patterns. The striking colour palette remains specific to each garment rather than being trend led.
Produced by the British heritage knitwear company Corgi Hosiery Ltd, knitters to the Queen, the quality of the knits are top priority. Each item is hand knitted in Wales on traditional knit machines. Each piece is then lovingly finished by hand.
When you purchase one of these investment pieces, it comes wrapped with care in its own hand made Tyvek bag, along with an original piece of Sangra artwork."


Annie Larson's knitwear label 'All For Everyone' is worth looking at. It's hard to look at this stuff and not want to buy it. Take a look

I'm also following her blog

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