Friday, January 14, 2011

This pavlova obsession knows no bounds...

I have spent the past 5 days holed up in my room with what I now know to be tonsilitis.  I thought this was a sickness that only children got.  Perhaps because it featured frequently in books read to me as a child that talked about hospitals and operations. One book in particular showed a little girl going to the hospital to get her tonsils out and then she got to eat as much jelly and ice cream as she wanted! Unfortunately, these types of books have glorified such sickness to me and I was very disappointed to learn that I should observe a normal diet.

In other news, during the hours I have not been fever-ing I have been working on a pavlova-inspired printed tote bag.

 The screen design.

 Printed design using screen and transparent pigment.

Some stamps I made using lino and cutting tools.  The red ink ('Versa-Craft') is great for fabric and very easy to use.  As simple as putting ink onto the lino and stamping the fabric!  You can get it online, but I got it from Mr. Kitly on Sydney Road, Brunswick.

The finished design.

Detail of fruit.

Detail of text.

I got this tote from 'Blank Clothing Australia' you can use it without tightening the drawstring.....

....Or scrunching it right up!

Very fun to complete, cheered me up a lot!

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