Monday, April 30, 2012

Winter, oh winter.  I love winter, but it seriously has the habit of sucking me dry of enthusiasm and burning me out!  I think its somewhat normal to feel a little weary approaching the half way point of your final year of uni.  Similar to the feeling of running cross country.  It is exhausting, but you are nearly at the finish line where much hydration exists.  Analogies.

I have to write a reflective blog for a subject uni and will say that it has really made me look at what a design blog actually is.  In a recent entry, I admitted to this blog being a bit of a 'brag book' where I would post pretty pictures of my most favoured work and write somewhat shallow insights/my day.  Is this a negative thing? For people that do it well and create an enchanting world of design beauty on their blogs, no.  They are a means to my hours of internet joy.  On the other hand, I do it quite badly and think I have made a recipe for tedium.  But really, what else can you do on a 'design blog'? Is it about posting things you make that just aren't right? eg; a geometric pattern which for some reason has a very obvious swastika shape in the negative space…  Maybe not a good option.  Until I figure it out, I'll keep attempting to post pretty pictures. 

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