Sunday, September 20, 2015

Happy Accidents - Free E-ZINE

Very excited to share HAPPY ACCIDENTS today - a fun zine to ignite or rekindle your passion for experimental mark making! The free PDF is available for download online via
This zine was made as a teaching tool leading up to my last workshop with Launchpad Workshops.  I was thrilled by the joyful approach everyone in this group took to mark making. Beautiful results were made by participants, some of whom had no experience painting or drawing previously. It was truly inspiring. There were no kids in this group, but many techniques would be great for ages 7+ 
Feel free to share this free resource with friends and family online, or print it out and have a play!


Peta Pollock said...

Thank you for sharing again Yolanda. This all looks like fun and for a beginner like me is very helpful for learning skills and techniques.PP

Peta Pollock said...

p.s. Love your work. PP