Monday, February 6, 2012

Pendant Party

A personal project I've been plodding along with slowly has come to fruition this week.  It is an 'end result', but the materials and techniques have been so enjoyable to use that I think its just the beginning.   I get to experiment a lot with tactile mediums, and it was great to extend this to wax, leather, clay, shoelaces and bronze. 

I wanted to make a million things and had so many ideas, but my budget restricted this.  I was so torn on a recent visit to a Melbourne leather superstore (Lefflers) about not being able to buy all the colours I desired (all of them) !  Overall, the restricted budget  is probably a positive thing, as I tend to get overly excited and idea-crazy when I'm doing something new, sending my spending through the roof.

Knotting, braiding, twisting and manipulation of  yarns and brightly coloured kangaroo leather translated into wax  became the basis of the pendant I got cast into bronze.

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