Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Last post I talked about making business cards and other professional things.  I realised I had a little problem.  You see, I go by two names - Yoki (Nickname which gets used most of the time/people introduce me as this) and Yolanda (My real name).  In terms of printing business cards/Folio, of course, I would go with my real name.  My problem is that I don't want to leave my nickname behind!  I am quite attached to it, and rarely get called Yolanda, which has become a name I am somewhat disconnected from.  This name debacle has caused quite a bit of confusion, even into the realms of blog/websites.  URL's state 'yolanda', while blog titles say 'yoki'. This little identity crisis has been toddling along for quite some time.   I always knew the day would come where I would have to grow up and use my proper name.  It seems the time is nigh…

In less whingey happenings, this week has been a GLORIOUS mid-semester break.   I took the opportunity to have afternoon coffee/beers with friends and get out to Kyenton to see one of my awesomest pals, Mel.  To get to Kyenton, you need to catch the Bendigo train from Spencer St.  I caught a service at 9:15; prime time for getting-to-work hustle and bustle, which made it even more satisfying to get away, watching the Melbourne skyline slowly recede through the train window as I escaped.

I looked out the window most of the time, and the rest of the time read 'The Language of Flowers, A Miscellany' by Mandy Kirkby. For someone who spends a lot of time drawing flowers, it was a really interesting read.  I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but this one is so pretty:

 Some Kyenton shots while heading to lunch:

In my last days of freedom, I'll be heading over to Dagmar Rousset to get my hands on some Ayame socks before they run out, and have a peek at Full Drop's latest product now stocked in the store; printed tea towels featuring designs from our latest zine!

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elysiarenee said...

yoki, I couple of weeks ago i wrote a blog post for uni that was basically an essay about what name to use on things so I feel your pain!