Saturday, November 27, 2010

icecream is gonna save the day

Back in Melbourne and pouring rain after having the nicest time ever in Hobart staying with my sister.  I miss my little nieces so much! 
'ice-cream' by Penny, Jemima and myself.


ruby slippers said...

hey yoki, i don't know if you'll remember me but i used to work with Vanessa at evelyn miles :) lol randomly found your blog while avoiding doing assignments!! i spoke to vanessa last week and only just found out that imogen had had another baby!! how exciting :) hope that everything is going well for you in melbourne!

Imogen said...

Hi Yoki,
I am a huge fan of your blog, this 'ice cream' work is amazing, must have been done by some super genuis prodigy child, whom could have only inherited such a high level of intelligence from her mothers side of the family. Again, amazing.
See you soon xxx.