Thursday, November 11, 2010

Screen printin'

Below are some hand printed- swatches I made for a new project I'm doing at uni (yes, I'm back there... Doing an elective because I'm a spock.)  Its based on the theme 'Graphica', in accordance with the Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2011 GRAPHICA exhibtion with RMIT fashion and textiles.
The final print will be put onto a garment from an op-shop; probably a jacket or a dress so I can wear it after the exhibition!  Looking forward to the Savers/Vinnies/Don Bosco rummaging that is to come!

While I was in a graphic, geometric mind frame I entered the Melbourne Myer bag design competition. Here's my entry on the website!  I think everyones designs got put up, so I'm not special. But enough riff-raff:

It is meant to look a little like Federation Square...

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